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A few notes from some of our valued clients.

"Our morale has significantly increased and our CTN is improving."
Macey's Supermarkets
"Nine of my eleven teams have shown 25% or more improvement in their key scorecards. The best single improvement was a 74% backlog reduction on a team that had been a bottleneck process in our factory."
L3 Communications
"Created a teamwork environment with my group--gained a common focus on improving results."
Food 4 Less
"Great tool for increasing performance of a group, and ways to manage and check through ongoing performance."
AT&T Cablevision
"My supervisors carry more responsibility and use their own initiative to get improvements in place."
Fresenius Medical Care
"Excellent--I really enjoyed it and feel it's added great value to our company."
Molina Medical Centers
"Most employees realized what their jobs are and they care more about the department of business. As a result, productivity climbed up a lot."
Carr Gottstein
"Inventory reduction ($150,000 in six months)--expect to achieve additional $300,000 reduction before end of the year."
Varian X-Ray Tube Products

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