“Grandfather of Gamification”
“Grandfather of Gamification”


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Game of Work has taken the winning techniques of sports and recreation and applied them to the workplace to increase profitability, productivity, employee engagement and success. After more than 4 decades of implementing these principles, we now focus on executive coaching.

In 1973, Game of Work was founded to answer the question why could ten people with a volleyball and a net achieve teamwork, goal directed activity, and become a well-managed work team in a matter of minutes at the company picnic, but those same ten people could totally fail to achieve that kind of harmony on the job, and worse, spend all day protecting their turf?

We examined the phenomenon that people will work harder and expend more energy in sports and other athletic pursuits than they will at their daily jobs. Why? Because in sports, a player has constant feedback on how he or she is doing, the score is known and the effort necessary to win is established. In work, feedback is unreliable, inconsistent, and often nonexistent. At work you seldom know the score or what it takes to win.

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What People Are Saying

  • “The best single improvement was a 74% backlog reduction on a team that had been a bottleneck process in our factory.”

    - L3 Communications

  • “I have seen performance improve 20-30% from using The Game of Work.”

    - General Electric Capital Canada

  • “Great tool for increasing performance of a group, and ways to manage and check through ongoing performance.”

    - AT&T

  • “We closed the year with a $10 million improvement, 250% better than budget, with a perfect safety record.”

    - Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

  • “Effective use of Game of Work concepts has allowed us to build a championship team here.”

    - Molina Healthcare

  • “We’ve been able to clarify our scorekeeping, while building ownership of results on the front line.”

    - Pepsi Bottling Group

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